Martial Arts Organizations

Universal Martial Arts Association

The Universal Martial Arts Association is a global leader in the martial arts world. The organizations mission is to provide the chance for all of it’s members to train no matter where they are located in the world. They also work towards preserving orthodox martial arts while looking for the best innovation in the ancient art.


International Martial Arts Council of America

This organization strives to aid in the perpetual improvement of all things martial arts as well a provide a community for those who train and teach alike.


World Registry Of Black Belts, MA Organizations, Federations and Associations

The WRBBOF’s purpose is to create a centralized recognition of all legitimate black belts in an effort to root out those who earned their black belt through fake or unethical means and/or training.


United States Martial Artist Association

The United States Martial Artist Association was created in order to generate a higher interest in martial arts both by those involved and not involved and to help unify the martial arts world as it currently stands.


American Martial Arts Organization

As an organization, the AMAO’s mission is to ensure the highest level of synergy possible in the current martial arts world. All who train are welcome to apply for membership.

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