The Hottest New Martial Arts Trends In 2016

The Hottest New Martial Arts Trends In 2016

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Martial arts are continuously evolving just like any other form of art; people are continuously finding new and innovative ways of expressing themselves using martial arts. Whether you are using martial arts to improve your self-defense, build your confidence, burn calories or develop an entertainment film, martial arts is undoubtedly influencing our culture and creating new trends as it evolves. The combination of fitness and martial arts has created new and interesting opportunities for the martial arts industry; many health and fitness businesses are exploiting these opportunities with a lot of enthusiasm. Martial arts fitness has undoubtedly evolved past Tae Bo videos. YMCA gyms and kickboxing classes are developing innovative and exciting programs such as Mixed Martial Arts fitness so as to exploit the new found martial arts fitness enthusiasm. Below are a few notable martial arts class-types which have acquired noteworthy traction within the martial arts industry in recent years.


Piloxing integrates normal kickboxing with Pilates and dance, hence developing a hybrid workout program which helps to burns calories as well as increase an individual’s flexibility and strength. This martial arts fitness program is extremely common with women, since it allows them to diverge from the more basic and aggressive kickboxing classes.
Another element that has made piloxing very popular is its ability to achieve all-around body benefits. The Pilates aspect of piloxing helps build a strong core in an individual by improving body alignment, balance, coordination and breathing. Aside from the Pilates aspect which helps to develop cardiovascular fitness and leg strength, the weighted gloves that are worn during the workout session help to define and strengthen the arms and upper body. Because of the benefits highlighted above, most gyms and fitness centres have started to include piloxing on their martial arts and cardio-fitness programs.

Cage Fitness

This martial arts training was launched by Ultimate Fighting Champion superstar Matt Hughes; therefore aptly named “Cage Fitness”. Cage Fitness integrates the principles of mixed martial arts training while excluding the hand-to-hand combat element of a fight. A cage fit program comprises of a heavy bag which has an upper body and lower body routine workout that can be customized to cater for different fitness and strength levels.
Aside from catering to the skill and fitness levels of an individual, these workouts have become very popular with gym members since they can be executed quickly. The workouts are quick to execute since they only involve 5-five-minute workouts with a minute break between each interval. These 30-minute workouts are short enough to enable gyms to plan many sessions which can effortlessly fit into their members’ training schedules. This new training regime with Cage Fitness has led to an increase in revenue for gyms and health and fitness centres; and above all it has led to healthier and happier clients.

Cross Fit Defense

Cross Fit Defense is a hardcore martial arts technique which features close quarter hand-to-hand combat. This technique integrates cross-fitting martial arts movements with popular fitness regimes so as to help an individual improve their self-defense, burn calories as well as increase their self-confidence.
This training regime is different from Piloxing and Cage Fitness, since it is a full-contact close quarter self-defense class which is appropriate for all fitness and martial arts enthusiasts. It is appropriate for members who are looking for a boost in balance, flexibility and self-confidence or even those training for a fight. Without a doubt, Cross Fit Defense classes are becoming a trend in martial arts gyms all over the world.

Choreographed Kickboxing

This form of kickboxing fuses dance with basic kickboxing; the music used in this case is normally popular high-tempo music. Its main emphasis is not preparing the students to defend themselves but rather it is intended to be a fun activity that will help reduce calories as well as improve cardio-vascular fitness.
Choreographed kickboxing is a training regimen that has evolved from Tae Bo training and basic kickboxing; hence it is very popular among gym members and martial arts students. It features energizing high-tempo music, which is combined with a rigorous kickboxing-movement routine that is able to burn up to 600 calories per training session. This new and innovative training regimen is able to strengthen many muscle groups in the body; it is highly engaging and enjoyable hence it has become a common workout addition for fitness centres and gyms.

Pre-school Martial Arts Classes

In the past, the martial arts industry has only had classes for teenagers and older kids, however a recent trend has emerged of offering martial arts classes to pre-school children. This interesting and ambitious program involves children who are as young as 3 years old. The philosophy behind pre-school martial arts programs is that it is better to get the children used to an active martial arts lifestyle from a very young age, so as to make them better martial arts students in the future.
Through this training, they are expected to learn the principles of self-control and discipline which are a characteristic of all martial arts forms. Research has also linked martial arts to increased socialization among younger children; hence parents who enroll their kids will find it extremely beneficial to their kid’s social skills.
From a business perspective, those who provide pre-school classes have found out that doing so attracts converts from the siblings and parents of the enrolled children. The converted older siblings and parents have been found to enroll into the traditional and more hardcore classes for grown-ups, after seeing the benefits martial arts brings to their kids. Additionally, as the children gradually grow up, they are more likely to enroll for more and more classes, hence creating a large client base for your fitness center or school. This two fold business opportunity has provided more and more incentives for those intending to start pre-school martial arts programs.


Martial arts are continually becoming an influence in our culture today. If you run a fitness center that offers martial arts training, it would be wise to incorporate the latest industry trends into your training schedule in order to create fresh, innovative and profitable classes for both your existing and new students. However, as any true student of martial arts would know, the virtues of discipline, respect, honor, valor and justice should never be compromised for material gain. Unless these new trend-classes are properly run by disciplined masters of the art, they may lead to erosion of the virtues that are at the very heart of martial arts training. Of course, no one knows for sure what the future of martial arts holds, but trends are a good and reliable indicator of where an industry is heading. So if we are to go by the recent growth and trends in the martial arts industry, the future of martial arts holds new and exciting variations and improvements of the ancient and honored tradition of martial arts.


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