The Great Martial Artists In UFC History

The Great Martial Artists In UFC History

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Ultimate Fighting Championship or better known as UFC is MMA promotions Company which was founded in November of 1993. In its short period of time it has become a global sport and has produced a number of deadly and talented martial artists. Well today we are going to look at some of the best martial artists who have stepped in that unforgiving octagon. The current championship status has nothing to do with the list; it’s entirely based upon overall performance of the fighter and the opponents they have faced.

Jon Jones

Currently suspended for one year because of falling drug test, Jones is regarded as the best MMA fighter of all time. After his debut on August 9, 2008 he took the UFC by storm and made his way up to the top. His professional record (22-1) says it all and that to the one loss came via disqualification for use of 12to6 elbow; he was dominating that match too. He has never been defeated by any opponents till date. Jones holds the record for the “most successful light heavyweight title defenses in UFC history” also the record for “most consecutive light heavyweight title defenses in UFC history”, “youngest fighter to win a UFC championship”. Apart from UFC he is a onetime USKBA light heavyweight champion and has won countless other awards. He has won the ”UFC light heavyweight championship” twice despite never losing it in the first place, both the times he was stripped of his titles because of his controversies. Before being suspended he was ranked as the number one fighter in the world and is also number one ranked pound for pound fighter in the world today. Also Jones has been awarded fighter of the year award on four different occasions. Now everyone could understand what kind of fighter Jones really is.

Anderson Silva

Going by the name of “The Spider” this guy is living legend in the history of this sport and is currently ranked as number 6 contender in the UFC middleweight division. He made his UFC debut in June 28, 2006 and won that fight in 49 second. He has an astonishing record of (33-8). He made a record 10 successful title defense and has been awarded most (13) post fight bonus awards in the UFC history ever. In his 41 match career he has gone past round 2 only at 6 occasions, also he has 17 fights win streak. He is currently holding the record for longest title streak 2,437 days and 10 title defenses. If there is any record out there in UFC it must be his. The list of his record goes on and on “most finishes in UFC title fights” ,”most knockdowns landed in UFC history” ,”highest significant strike accuracy” and many more. His style of fighting includes Muay Thai and BJJ mostly. Silva has been rightly called as one of the greatest MMA artists of all time. When you have such long and wonderful career you are truly a legend.

Cain Velasquez

Currently ranked no.2 contender for heavyweight title and the two time Heavyweight champion of the world is undeniably the best heavyweight fighter currently there is. His record of (14-2) says it all, the two times he lost was once a TKO to Junior Dos Santos and a submission returning back from injury after nearly two years. He has conquered all the toughest opponents that UFC has to offer. With his excellent grappling technique or brute striking ability he always finds an upper hand against his opponents. He possesses a striking accuracy of 58% and takedown accuracy of 44%. In career of 16 matches he has landed 1446 of total strikes whereas his opponents could manage 336 only. Also he holds the record for most knockouts (10) in heavyweight division. He is the master of kickboxing, muya Thai, wrestling, boxing, BJJ and many more. He held the title for 1281 days which is a record in this division.

Conor McGregor

We love him or hate him, there is no denying fact that the world has seen nothing like him, he is one of a kind on this planet. His record (21-3) say that he is the only guy who can talk and can fight exceptionally well. The day was November 12, 2016 when this guy wrote history with his own hand by becoming the first person to be champions at two different divisions simultaneously in the history of UFC. On UFC 189 he TKOed Chad Mendes for interim UFC Featherweight Championship then on UFC 194 he TKOed Jose Aldo and Unified the UFC Featherweight Championship and then on UFC 205 TKOed Eddie Alvarez to become The UFC Lightweight Champion and became two division champion. He holds many records such as “fastest title victory in UFC history”. He goes by nickname “The Notorious” and taunts his opponents first them and then knocks them out. Recently he went into a verbal battle with Floyd Mayweather and asked for a 100 million purse to fight him in a boxing ring. He drew the biggest pay-per-view in MGM and a purse of nearly 25 million USD. He is known for his trash talking and has various catch phrases like “I would like to apologize to absolutely no one” or he could be heard saying he has a master’s degree in unarmed combat.

Ronda Rousey

Know by the nick name Rowdy because of her attitude she is one of the most dangerous fighter in women’s category. Besides being MMA artist she is Olympian and won Bronze in judo in 2008 summer Olympics. She was the last Strike force Women’s Bantamweight Champion as well as the first UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Her professional record is near perfect (12-1) out of which she has won 9 by submission using arm-bar. She has many records to her name such as “first female UFC champion” ,”2nd fastest finish in a UFC title fight(16 seconds)”,”shortest average fight time amongst all active fighter (male or female)”,”first one punch knockout win UFC Women’s Division”, “fastest title defense (56 days)” and the list goes on and on. There has been no other fighter in women’s division who could match Ronda. Besides MMA she has also appeared in some Hollywood blockbusters. There is no denying that she is the best women fighter ever.


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