The Best Submission Techniques In Martial Arts

The Best Submission Techniques In Martial Arts

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If you are a genuine fan of martial arts, then you most likely love seeing knockouts. That moment when someone is hit and falls directly to the ground and is unable to wake up. But if you are learning martial arts or you are someone who has been doing it for a while now, you should pay extra attention to submission moves. They might not be as attractive and eye catching as the knockouts, but if you think about it, they are equally effective. To perform a perfect submission move, you need to have a lot of skills and strategies. Most normal spectators or observers think that these moves are not that much devastating, but an experienced fighter will tell you how bad they can be. To be the best in martial arts, you need the best submission moves. So the question is, which are these moves? This article will explain to you the best submission moves to stop that opponent that has been stressing you for so long.

1. Rear Naked Choke.

The name itself sounds nasty. This move has to be executed when you are standing behind your opponent. What you should do is this, make sure your opponent is facing away from you, wrap one of your arms around his neck and make sure your forearm is pushing against his neck with your bicep against the other. The other arm that is not in use should be used to push the back of your opponent’s head while you lock his feet. Once you have done all that, expand his chest until he taps out. Have you ever wondered why this choke is the deadliest? This is simply because it pinches the carotid arteries, which are responsible for supplying blood and oxygen to the head.

2. Guillotine

This is one of the most common chokes. Ever seen people who prefer attacking their opponents while lowering their heads? This move is the best to stop such people. It is, in fact, more of a headlock. What you should do to execute this move is you slip an arm under the chin of your opponent, just next to his throat. Then, grab that wrist with your other hand that is not in use and pull it up. The idea here is simply cutting your opponent’s throat. This pain should make him tap out within a very short time. The best thing about this move is that you can execute it while standing and while in the guard position.

3. Omoplata.

This is among the hardest moves to execute in martial arts. As hard as it is, if well done, it is very effective and completely finishes off your opponent. The Omoplata is basically a leg over shoulder lock. It works just like the kimura hold. The difference is that you will lift your leg over your opponent’s shoulder and try pushing it under his chin. This will automatically put you in a sitting position. Lean forward and rotate your opponent’s arm. Chances are he will tap out. If your opponent decides to struggle and stay on longer, he will end up getting serious shoulder and elbow injuries.

4. Triangular choke.

You can only do this choke while you are in the guard position. Trap your opponent’s arm and pull it forward. Once you have done that, put your leg exactly opposite the trapped arm behind your opponent’s head. Use your other leg to lock the first leg in order to form a triangle. Your opponent’s head is locked in the triangle, meaning the neck is being pressed. Make sure you apply enough pressure until your opponent taps out. It cannot be said to be easy to execute but if you know what you are doing, it can be achieved really fast.

5. Arm Bar.

This is a submission move that has so many variations, but the main point is to hyper-extend your opponent’s arm until he taps out. What you should do is to trap your opponent’s arm between your legs. Then, you should bring your hips together and lean back meaning all the pressure will fall on your opponent’s elbow. Damages mainly occur on the arm and elbow.

6. Arm triangle.

This is a move that is executed from the guard position with the aim of cutting the flow of blood of the opponent. Starting from the guard position, pull your opponent forward with his arm up along your head. Make sure you wrap one of your strong arms behind your opponent’s neck. To get a better grip, grab your other hand’s bicep. Place the palm of your second arm on top of your opponent’s head. Once you have done that, push your opponent to the side and push his head down with intense pressure until he taps out.

7. Knee Bar

If someone ever does this move to you and you have any form of problem with any of your knees, it might be catastrophic and you might end up tapping out. To prevent this from happening, have the upper hand and do it first. This is the best move to apply once you have managed to come out of your opponent’s guard. Immediately after the guard is broken, you will find yourself on top of your opponent. Take one of his legs and wrap your arms around it. Fall backward with both your arms and legs wrapped around your opponent’s legs, using your body weight as the perfect leverage. So, basically, the point of this submission move is to hyper-extend your opponent’s knee, causing him so much pain and eventually making him tap out.


You would want to see your opponent tapping out because of the killer move you have used on him. Winning a fight is always a great achievement, but how you do it really matters. Having the perfect precision to execute a submission move will make your win sweeter and even more entertaining.The submission moves discussed in this article are enough to help you face any kind of opponent. You do not need to master all of them. Perfecting just two or three of them is good enough for you. Do not waste any more time, start rehearsing these moves, your time to shine is now.


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